Concept Exploration & Concept Mapping - Tanner Huffman

Scientific Visualization

Grades : 8-9
Subjects: Technology, Science
Students develop a robotic model and effectively visualizes a scientific concept.  Students research and model specific scientific processes to develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the concept.  Examples include:  Growing of coral, Arthroscopic surgeries, Fluid dynamics.

When I Grow Up
Grades :4-5
Subjects: Technology, Civics
Students develop a robotic model that represents a career or occupation they are interested in.  The model must accurately describe the profession's main duties and provide background information on how to pursue the selected occupation.

Adaptive Game Board
Grades : 7-8
Subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
Students develop an automated game board that is designed to assist children with a specific or multiple disabilities.  Students design, prototype, and test their automated systems.  The final product will include: Game, Packaging, Directions for Use, and Marketing Strategy.

Inventions and Innovations
Grades : 6-7
Subjects: Technology,Engineering
Students develop a working model for a solution to an identified need in their local community.  Scope of the design is to be set by the instructor and should include ways of making a positive impact on the students' community.  Students will identify a problem in which they are intimately involved or concerned about.  Examples include:  Fairness in Sports, Recycling, Water Conservation.

Historical Animatronics
Grades : 5-6
Subjects: Technology, History
Students develop a robotic character(s) that will tell the technological evolution of a selected technological artifact.  Students will research significant inventions throughout history and how technological evolution through innovations has made the devices what they are today.  The character will then tell the story of the technological artifact.

Tanner Huffman