Robot Diaries Mini Project: Going Green Mini Project - Erin Hopkins

Going Green Mini Project

For this mini-project, students must research the latest innovations in electric cars and compare them to gasoline powered cars. Students will need to compare two similar cars and their research should include the amount of carbon dioxide emissions produced by each car, the cost of production for each car, the cost of maintenance for each car, and the maximum mileage obtained by a gasoline powered car with a full tank of gas versus an electric car with a full charge. Students should also research the pros and cons of each car and make an informed decision as to which car they would like to advocate. Then, students will design a model using Robot Diaries to convince their audience to side with them for or against electric cars. Students will need to present their findings and their Robot Diaries to the community and create flyers to hand out after their presentation. This project will not only teach students about economic, social, and biological issues that we face as a society, but it will create community awareness about the pros and cons of electric cars so that they may also make an informed decision about the car they drive.

Post by Erin Hopkins